Map Ranking


Tribe name:AZTECA
Number of members:13
Points of the best 15 players28.808.230
Total points:28.808.230
Average points:2.216.018
Preferred languages:
Opponents defeated: 180.040.802 (1.)
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Tribe members

Name Rank Points Global Rank Villages
RaouLZcataXD (n00bRaul) 1 5,330,456 1 441
Topster (This is Brazil) 2 5,285,490 2 437
Alex2peu (mad puppy) 3 3,333,333 3 289
blazker (#PRADZKER) 4 2,846,544 4 241
Nery Alberto Pumpido 5 2,678,692 5 241
Pudge 6 2,154,166 7 185
The Magic Sheep 7 1,629,125 8 160
sir0 8 1,472,741 10 151
Veuve Clicquot 9 1,457,047 11 139
Burruchaga 10 1,312,463 13 129
Emmy95 11 709,546 18 63
Hannibal Barcas 12 316,116 27 39
Tudor23 13 282,511 28 24

Congrats to all gypsies that took the trophy home!

H A L L  O F  F A M E

Jorge aka. Nobster

Greatest brazilian player alive with awesome vision of the map and game strategy; always pushing teammates and allies to surpass themselves.

Tom aka. Spotlight

German mentality at its best; very active aggressively while also searching new ways to improve tribe's defensive systems.

Andrutzu aka. Medelin

First time playing with us, proved himself to be one of Azteca's most active and capable players, all throughout the game; singlehandedly carrying our top account alex2peu from start to finish.

Scama aka. El Rei

Strongest pillar of the team, most calm and impartial teamleader; always with the right words to deescalate situations and make everybody see the full half of the glass.

sir0 aka. Ciocanul

MVP of early game as most aggressive player and a man of few words who taught everybody to keep our egos in control and express our nerves on the map rather than on chats.


GG wp to all people involved in this mess and a special wink to Siclia x Shadow x safir, son of God who get upset if they don't get mentioned in every aztecan press release.

2peu aka @ThatSpidyLife

All talk and no play, always complaining and threatening to delete the account. At the end, begged everybody for ressources to surpass Raoul and get rank#1. Soon after, when he saw Topster breaking record after record in daily farming, decided to feed Raoul to get the top spot, despite his initial claims all along the world that raoulz is big noob.

Raoulz aka. The Legendary Noob

Such a nobo hobo, selfish and anti-team; all he did was take cousins villages and avoid enemies keeping his deff all for himself. Same as 2peu, takes all glory for himself when in reality they did less than nothing for the team; but their coplayers.